The "Woody 500" Heats

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Join us at Magic Mountain Polaris Fruday (May 25th) Morning for the 17th Annual Woody 500: "The Greatst Spectacle in Go-Kart Racing!"

If you aren't racing you can stop by and watch this great event. We start the show at 5:30am/ET and racing begins at 7:30pm SHARP. 

Here are the heats so you know when you race or who to watch!

Heat 1 – Beer and Chicken Wings

Vet- Harold (Interloper) Loper

6’1 400lbs from Gardaworld Cash Services

*Two helpings of Escargot

Pro- Gary (Tiny) Ryan

6’2 375lbs from trane

*53 Chicken Wings

Rookie-Dustin (Cheffie) Bowers

6’0 415lbs from Giant Eagle


Rookie-Mark (Trouble) Motter

6’0 375lbs from City of Columbus

*No feat

Heat 2- Chili Cheese Fries

Vet- Josh (Big Johnson) Johnson

6’1 400lbs from Miller Pipeline

*Every day is a feat for him

Pro- Robert (Rob) Brokaw

6’0 307lbs from Tansky Sawmill Toyota

*21” Raider Pizza by himself

Rookie-Jeremy (Big Jerm) Spears

5’1 325lbs from Cash Services

*All the tacos

Rookie- Courtney (Corky) Bevins

5’7 305lbs from Papa


*Entire Chipotle Burrito in under a minute

Heat 3- Meatlovers

Vet- Matt (Deffenballer) Defenbaugh

6’1 305lbs from Department of Insurance

*House of Japan for two

Pro-Jody Gill 

6’3 310lbs from Forward Air

* A couple of huge steaks

Rookie -Ryan (Shrek) Oberst

6’8 360lbs from 4Front technologies

*Large Pizza in one sitting

Rookie-Jeremy (Royse) Rose

6’0 300lbs from Bitec

*Eating like a champ for 43 years

Heat 4- All You Can Eat Pancakes

Vet- Donnie (Spinner Renner) Renner

5’11 365lbs from Kil-Kare Speedway

*5 quarter pounders in one sitting

Pro- Dan (Stretchman) Heronemus

6’6 185lbs from Forward Air

*Dagwood Challenge

Rookie- George (Big George) Cobb

6’6 350lbs from Graduate Plus Inc.

    *2 large pizzas in one sitting

Rookie-James (Big Mikey) McMcreary

6’3 325lbs from Solstice Sleep

*Large pizza by himself

Heat 5- Food that Makes You Fat

Vet- Greg Hubbert

6’3 385lbs from BST&G Fire

*50 White Castles in one sitting

Pro- Bobby (Big Country) Dorsey

6’4 340lbs from Keystone Automotive

*18’ triple meat sub in 6mins a 1sec

Rookie- Clyde (CJ) Harrison

6’1 400lbs from Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling of Columbus

*Dagwood Challenge

Rookie- Kyle (Big Double D) Dearing

6’6 315lbs from Western & Southern Financial Group

*Smokey Bones 3lb Cheeseburger

Heat 6- We Hate Salad

Vet- Matt (Sasquatch) Pooler

6’7 326lbs from Schwebels Baking Company

*8 hotdogs, pack of sun chips and bowl of pasta salad

Pro- Jeff (Big Country) Marteney

6’7 370lbs from J.D. Equipment

*53 McDonald’s chicken nuggets

Rookie- Kenny (Thunderlips) Shaw

6’4 312lbs from The Jungles of Springfield

*Loves Buffetts

Rookie- Johnny (Bed Bug) Toledo

6’0 325lbs from Nolan Pest Control

*The surf & turf burger from Crabby


Heat 7- Buffett

Vet- Scott Merchant

6’4 315lb Crew Chief at Merchant Racing

Pro- David (Little Dave) Tomlinson

6’2 340lbs from West Jefferson Plumbing and Heating

*4 Chipotle Burritos in one sitting

Rookie- Aaron Zerfoss

6’0 320lbs Food Delivery guy

*Chicken is his biggest weakness

Rookie- Danny (Big D) Meadows

5’11 345lbs from Southeaster Correctional Institute

Heat 8- Slider Case

Vet- Blake (Bigfoot) Miller

7’0 420lbs from Pipevalves

*100 sliders

Pro- Chris (Big Chris) Suttle

6’1 310lbs from Columbus Center for Human Services

*The Thurmanator

Rookie- Chaunce (Kuma) Rimpson

6’2 350lbs from CCHS

Rookie- Mike (Shake N Bake) Baker

6’1 308lbs from Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections

*Lots of Pizza

Heat 9-Chocolate & Sprinkles

Vet- Tony (Bacon) Spinosi

6’3 420lbs from Cardinal Health

*Double plate of sausage and cheese omelet

Pro- Sam (To Tall) Ewers

6’7 220lbs from Matsu

*2 16inch pizzas

Rookie- Darren (Ranger Racer) Mahan

5’11 310lb FedEX Driver

Rookie- Chuck (Wreckum Rupe) Rupe

5’10 380lb Self Employed

*3 Chipotle Burritos

Heat 10-Cinnabon

Vet- George (Big Daddy George) Parker Sr.

6’5 470lb DJ

*Too many buffets to mention

Pro- Chad (Lurch) Clemons

6’6 380lbs from Honeywell Safety Products

*Every trip to Golden Corral

Rookie- John (Fluffy) Shull

6’0 360lbs

Rookie- Brent (Thumper) Downs

5’10 406lbs from Sunbelt Rentals

*Asked to leave Golden Corral

Heat 11-Grand Big Mac

Vet- George (Silver) Parker Jr.

6’3 350lb driver

*4 hot head burritos, 2 Thermanators, 9 Big Bufords in 30mins

Pro- Joshua (Mega Papi) Hyster

6’6 350lbs from ParmaForce & Anhueser Busch

*The Thurminator

Rookie- Harold (JR) Stepp Jr

6’1 312lbs from RPI/NEC in Grandview

Rookie- Nik (The Nitro) Johnson

6’0 350lbs from State of Ohio

*Ate at Golden Corral for 2 hours

Heat 12-Big Don Sub

Vet-Jeremy (Hoss) Likens

6’2 330lbs from CST Utilities


Pro- Greg (Big Beefy) Banks

5’11 440lbs from West-Ward Pharmaceuticals

*Tried Kale Once

Rookie- Harold (BOY) Stepp

6’4 305lbs from US Heating and Air

*Loves Buffetts

Rookie- Anthony (Griff) Griffith

6’4 450lbs from Ascena Retail Group

*9 Hotdogs in 4 innings at Indians Game

Woody Johnson

Woody Johnson

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