Name: Woody Johnson

Birthday: May 19th

Hometown: Osceola, Nebraska

Instagram: @woodyjohnson_wcol

Twitter: @WCOLwoody




  • Music I grew up listening to... was NOT Country (what's now Classic Rock)
  • My family life is... Rich & fulfilling
  • My last impulse buy was... A 2014 Shelby Cobra (while my wife was out of town - still catching hell for that one)
  • My favorite country artist to listen to is... Gary Allan
  • Right now my favorite Country song is... "Drowns the Whiskey" by Jason Aldean & Miranda
  • In my spare time I... I'm largely unproductive
  • My dream vacation to go on is... Bora Bora
  • My favorite "Adult Beverage" is... Hendricks Gin/Johnny Walker Blue
  • When watching sports I am rooting for... NEBRASKA
  • Three Words that describe me best are ... Loyal, Stubborn, Driven



821-WCOL, toll-free 800-899-WCOL