Kayla's Weekend in 5 Photos: Birthday Weekend

I turned 29 on Friday and the weekend started a little early when my friend Whitney surprised me with a Birthday Cake and wishes from our attendees at our Happy Hour 4 Heroes! And the best part is we raise over $2,000 for NC4K, helping children in Ohio with pediatric cancer.

(Thank you for Captured by Kaitlin for capturing this moment!)

Then Saturday came and we got a parents night out for the Eric Church concert! This is me and my good friend Lindsey who came down from Wooster for the show. Our husbands came too, but of course they never were around for photos.

Then I ran in to more friends ahead of the show! Plus we all had to document the moment before we got hot and sweaty at the show.

(Natalie, Whitney, ME, Elizabeth)

It had been 560 days since Nationwide Arena had a concert and what a show to kick of the year with. Eric Church played for almost 4 HOURS! It was so great to see live music like this again and then so many listeners enjoying themselves.

To end the night we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was Gracie's first dinner date there since we are known to go every Sunday morning for Breakfast. Had to mix it up since she had a sleepover at Gigi's House while Mama and Daddy went out.

The only sad part is when we arrived there was a wait which is fine because I thought "Great they are busy!" But what really was the case is they were so understaffed that there were only 10 tables! Everything else was empty because they just didn't have the staff.

It broke my heart but I was so thankful for the staff that did take care of us. And to people complaining and getting upset that they had a 25 minute wait and taking it out on the hostess....GROW UP and BE NICE!

And here is just my two cents...to people needing a job or complaining that they don't have a job, get your butt off the couch and go get a job because EVERYONE is hiring. #Ventsesh

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