TGIF Randoms-Improve Memory w/ Oil, a Rose` Deodorant & More

Want to improve your memory? Pour on the olive oil. A new study from Temple University found that extra-virgin olive oil is a brain booster that helps with memory and learning and reduces the likeliness of developing Alzheimer’s. (Eurekalert


Summer is rosé season … but have things gone too far? Now there is rosé deodorant. No joke. Beauty company Native has a Rosé deodorant that is part of a new line of "Brunch Scents" that also includes Mimosa and Sangria. (Cosmo


Teens are waiting longer to have sex … and using protection when they do.  A new CDC study found that 40% of teens reported having had sex by age 18 … a big drop from 1988 when 57% of teens between the ages of 15 and 19 reported having had sex. And the survey also found that nearly all teens (99%) reported using protection the first time they had sex. (NBC News


Are we becoming less civil as a nation? A new survey found that 75% of Americans say incivility has reached "crisis levels,” and 73% say the U.S. is "losing stature as a civil nation." (NBC News


Skirting the issue ... After boys at the Isca Academy in Exeter, England, were told they couldn’t wear shorts to school during the hot summer months, they protested … by wearing skirts. Students at the academy wear uniforms, but because England is experiencing a heat wave right now, the boys complained that it was too hot to wear long pants and asked if they could wear shorts. When they were told they couldn’t, many of the boys protested by adopting the girls’ uniform – a skirt. (The Guardian


Forget man caves, these days it’s all about “She Sheds.” Women are turning backyard sheds into mini sanctuaries where they can read, write, draw, sew, meditate, or just sit and sip champagne. (NBC


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