(WATCH) Luke Combs Sings "Beaches Of Cheyenne"

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The Nashville Songwriters Awards were handed out earlier this week, with Garth Brooks being awarded with the Kris Kristofferson Lifetime Achievement honor.

His wife Trisha Yearwood honored Garth and his “planet of influence” calling him, “a poet, a good man, a songwriter’s best friend and my best friend.” Several artists performed in Garth’s honor, including Luke Combs, who performed “Beaches of Cheyenne,” with Garth noting in his speech, “I never felt like a songwriter until I heard him sing ‘Beaches of Cheyenne.’”

Garth also praised songwriters, noting, “If you get to hang out with songwriters, you’re lucky, ‘cause these people are dreamers,” later adding, “It’s the songs that live forever.”

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