Luke Bryan Calls Out Fighters At His Concert in Youngstown, Ohio

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Luke Bryan wants everyone to have fun at his concerts, which is probably why he spoke out after noticing a fight break out in the audience of his recent Youngstown, Ohio show. Video circulating on social media shows Luke noticing the fight happening as he’s singing “Buy Dirt,” which he recorded with Jordan Davis. 

"I mean, why the hell were y'all fighting during 'Buy Dirt'? This isn't Limp Bizkit or nothing. Friggin' Gwar," he said, referring to the two rock bands. "I know somebody got the s— knocked out of them, though, I saw it. Chill out. Find a joint or something, smoke a joint. I know y'all got that s—."

The fight happened to occur at his birthday show last weekend, with Luke noting, “It's my birthday night, no fighting on my birthday night!" 

Source: People

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