Try This Easy Peach Pit Removal Trick That's Perfect For Stone Fruit Season

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Lori Woosley first walked her followers through the process of removing a pit from a peach on her TikTok account, back on June 13. The video has since amassed nearly 1 million views.

To start, grab some needle nose pliers, making sure to sanitze them before use. As one of Woosley's followers noted in a comment, food-safe fish boning pliers will also do the trick.

Once the pliers are clean and ready to use, she pushes the tip all the way in through the top of the peach and clamps down on the pit. While holding the pit firmly, she twists and pulls to reveal "a clean stone" right from the center of the fruit -- with hardly any excess flesh clinging to it.

The hack caught the eye of celebrity food host Padma Lakshmi, who shared a subsequent video of herself trying out the trend on Instagram.

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