Randoms-6 Hours of Sleep still Bad, Big Demands for this Emoji, & More!

Do you keep your glasses on in the sack? A new survey found that 37% of respondents say they leave their glasses on during sex. 61% say they take their glasses off when doing the deed. 25% said they feel more attractive with their glasses off, but struggle when in the act because they can’t see what they’re doing. For those who keep their glasses on when getting frisky, 40% say they’ve had their glasses fly off, 40% say their specs have steamed up, and 33% say they’ve had their glasses fall off the bed and have had to awkwardly retrieve them afterwards. (SWNS)

Six isn’t enough …We all know that not getting enough sleep is bad for our health, but according to a new study, getting six hours a sleep a night is as bad as not sleeping at all. For the study, subjects were only allowed to get six hours of sleep a night for two weeks straight. Researchers found that those who got six hours of sleep functioned as poorly as those who were forced to stay awake for two days straight. (Fast Company)

White wine gets no love …Seems there are people out there that really, really wanted a white wine emoji. But Unicode Technical Committee (UTC), the team that handles emojis, has put in on hold. According to the UTC, they will "continue to consider [a] white wine emoji for future addition." Seems the reason is a bit more complicated than it seems. Maggie Curry, director of marketing for Kendall-Jackson, which championed the white wine emoji, explained. "Since a red wine emoji already exists, the white wine emoji is seen as a color variation and adding color variation to an emoji is proving more complex because the Unicode standard is not fully defined." Sorry, white wine lovers – you’ll have to stay with the red wine emoji for a while. (Food & Wine)

Behavior bribing …According to a new survey, 23% of parents admit they have paid their kids to get off their phones and other screens. That’s not the only way parents bribe their kids. The survey also found that 20% of parents have used money as a way to get their kids to go to bed, and 15% have paid their kids to do their homework.Wow, have times changed …(WMBF News)

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