(WATCH) Dan + Shay's New Music Video For "Officially Christmas"

Dan + Shay's song "Officially Christmas" really does make you feel like it's Christmas, with all the bells, horns, romance, and charm you expect from a Christmas song.

The music video gives off much nostalgia, with the two of them dressed in tuxedos. They shared the teaser pic on Instagram, captioning it, "we’re either about to serve you dinner or sing you a christmas song. possibly both." 

The music video begins with a family cleaning up post Thanksgiving dinner and shows a clock ticking to midnight. As it reaches the final ticks, Dan + Shay appear to kick off a retro holiday special. Then finally at midnight, they cut a red ribbon and bring in the holiday season. The two continue to sing, as the family begins decorating for the holiday.

Source: Dan + Shay 

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