Randoms-Top Excuse used why they Can't Work on Vacation, Red Wine News

Yesterday was Red Wine Day, and if you had a glass or two to celebrate, here’s some good news: A new study but from King’s College London found that red wine drinkers have better gut health than non-red wine drinkers And red wine drinkers also had lower levels of “bad” cholesterol and obesity. Cheers to that!

Early dipping …A new survey found that lots of people – from Boomers to Millennials – are already dipping into their retirement accounts. In, fact the survey, by Magnify Money, revealed that 52% of respondents said they had spent some of their retirement account money. Of those, 23% said they dipped into the fund to pay off debt, 17% said used the money for a down payment on a new home, 11% paid for college, 9% used it to pay medical bills, and another 3% used the money for “other reasons.”

60% of those surveyed said they aren’t even sure how much money they have in their retirement fund, and 15% said they have no idea at all. 35% said they aren’t saving for retirement at all.

Just how much of a problem has working on vacation become? So much, apparently, that people have resorted to lying about not having reliable WiFi or cell service where they are. Yep, a new survey found that 50% of respondents said they have lied to their boss about WiFi and phone access so they don’t have to check in or be reached while on vacation. (People)

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