Are You Good At 'Adulting'?

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A recent poll asked if people could do certain tasks that they believe adults should be able to do and here are the results...

1. Can you swallow a pill fairly easily? 91% said they can.

2. Can you neatly wrap a gift? 87% said yes.

3. Do you know how to write a check? 76% know how. Which isn't bad. But 20 years ago, it would have been 100%.

4. Could you sew a button back on? 73% of people claim they could do it.

5. Can you fold a fitted sheet? 61% said yes.

6. Do you regularly have the oil in your car changed? 59% said yes.

7. Can you kill a spider without screaming? 59% also said yes to that one.

8. Do you always put your laundry away right after it's dry? Only 39% of us do.

9. Do you make your bed every morning? 34% said yes.

10. Can you change a flat tire? Only 28% of us feel confident we could do it. 


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