Ohio Town Throws Christmas Parade for Terminal Cancer Child

Two-year-old Brody Allen, who has brain cancer, has captured hearts now beyond Ohio, but around the world.

His neighborhood had already been decorated in Christmas gear as the community came through with overwhelming support.

It was an electric and emotional parade that came to an end at a field near the Colerain Township Administration Building.

People said they didn't want Brody to ever forget this celebration.

"I lost three people to cancer last year, and this just breaks my heart... I'm just glad I could do what little bit I could to be here today," Janet Sollmann said.

Lining the streets with signs, balloons and every Christmas decoration you can think of, these people are here to give Brody the most wonderful memory of a lifetime.

His father said the holiday is his favorite time of year, but he likely won't make it to December.

"It's September and we're celebrating Christmas. All these kids are getting to do things they would never do on a day like today," Brody's father, Todd Allen, said.

It was a special day, with superheroes and Santa by Brody's side, musicians playing the Christmas classics and a sky lit with fireworks in the fall air: a gift from a community rallying around a little boy, who loves a holiday he likely won't get to celebrate again.



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