Columbus Police Cracking Down on Distracted Driving

In Zone 4, Columbus Police are running a targeted enforcement blitz against distracted driving. Six officers and a Sergeant are dedicated to the cause through the month of September.

Zone 4 covers the north-central and northwest parts of the city, including the area around Ohio State's campus, Clintonville, north and south Linden and areas bordering Upper Arlington, and Worthington. 

In Ohio, state law says texting while driving is a secondary offense for drivers 18 and older. That means someone would have to be pulled over for another traffic violation before additionally being charged with texting while driving. 

But Columbus and some other municipalities in Ohio have local laws making texting while driving a primary offense.

The Columbus law says:

No person shall operate a vehicle while using a mobile communication device to 1) Compose, send or read a text message; or 2) Send, read, create, play or interact with internet-based content.



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