What Urban Meyer Did on Game Day will Warm Your Heart

Matthew Offers has been going through something most at 9 years of age, will never have to endure.  You see, Matthew has been battling Congenital Heart Disease most of his childhood-

Matthews heart function is classified as severely depressed and he is in stage 3 kidney failure. Any time his parents need to pick him up, they have to give him IV dilaudid on top of the scheduled Methadone he is on or else he screams in pain. His heart can not supply the oxygen it needs to the gut and so his gut is shutting down. According to his parents Matthew & Heather, time with Matthew is very limited now & and they are trying to make the best out of every moment they have left. 

Here's where coach Meyer comes in to play...  For the past two years, Urban spent part of his Christmas Facetiming Matthew & the family at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  It was a wonderful gift to Matthew and a family who's already been through so much.  Matthews spirit alone was helped by coach Meyer's kindness to call little Matthew(I mean it's Urban Meyer for crying out loud)!  Then came this past weekend, Ohio State was hosting Rutgers, and while Coach Meyer could have been anywhere(That's been the big debate is where is Urban during the games right now & what is he doing), he & Shelley surprised Matthew & the family in his room at Nationwide Children's. It was touching, heartwarming, & knowing there's only a precious amount of time left for Matthew, it was absolutely moving.  

Urban & Shelley had just one more surprise, they offered up the coach's suite at Ohio Stadium to the family to enjoy the Rutgers game later that day.  Needless to say, the family was speechless.  To Urban and Shelley, they could've been anywhere, doing something else on game day, but they chose to make one family's day with a 9 year old struggling to live just one more day.  I hope you'll join me in continuing to pray for Matthew and the Offers family.




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