Dublin Says "NO" to Panhandlers

if you live in Dublin, you'll will soon be seeing signs around town advising people to “say NO” to panhandling. 

The city of Dublin announced that signs reading “Say NO to panhandling. There’s a better way to give,” will soon be placed at a few locations around the town.

The hopes are that the signs will encourage citizens to donate to social services as opposed to giving money to panhandlers. 

According to Dublin’s website, panhandlers tend to stay at locations where there is a better chance to collect money and people are willing to get it. 

“Most panhandlers are not interested in regular employment, particularly not minimum-wage labor, which many believe would scarcely be more profitable than panhandling,” states Dublin’s website. 

The signs are scheduled to be placed at the following locations:•    Southwest corner of Avery-Muirfield Drive at Perimeter Loop/Hospital Drive•    Hospital Drive at main entrance to the Avery Retail Center•    Southwest corner of Sawmill Rd/Martin Rd•    “Sandwich board” sign for use at the Northwest corner of Bridge and High Streets


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