Gahanna-Lincoln Students Skip Prom to Escort Veterans to DC

I skipped my Junior Prom, but it cannot even come close to why these Gahanna-Lincoln HS students chose to skip theirs.  For me, I skipped my Prom because I wasn't dating anyone, didn't ask anyone, so I chose to work instead.  Pale in comparison to the amazing Gahanna-Lincoln HS students who chose to miss theirs and instead, be guardians for 89 Veterans heading to DC to see the memorials that honor so many that have served and sacrificed.  

The students took part in "Honor Flight Columbus", Honor Flight accepts applications from America‚Äôs Senior Veterans: Currently, these are the men and women who served during WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War years. In addition, we put terminally ill veterans from any era at the head of the line. 

Accordingly, WWII veterans will continue to have top priority, with Korean and Vietnam veterans now comprising the majority of each flight. We call the Korean and Vietnam veterans on the waiting list for their flight in the order that we receive their applications.It is our goal to transition veterans of wars by the sequence of the conflicts as long as donations from the public continue.

The story by NBC4 painted a great picture of our youth and the GOOD things they're doing.  

Enjoy and bravo to these awesome students from Gahanna-Lincoln High School!




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