Ohio State Payroll tops $2.5B-See What Everyone Makes

Ohio State University has posted all non-student salaries online.

The school said in a news release Thursday that it is "breaking new ground for transparency among public universities in Ohio" by making the salaries available to the public in an online, searchable web-based application.

The Office of Human Resources provides the salary information here

People can search by name, job title, college, department, organization or salary range. There are separate searches for athletics and the health system.

A second option allows people to download Excel spreadsheets of total employee earnings for 2017, which includes bonuses, overtime, deferred compensation, and vacation and sick leave payouts in addition to base salary. The data will be updated throughout the calendar year.

"Ohio State should be the trusted source of salary information for internal users, job applicants, the media and researchers who are interested in payroll data," Susan Basso, senior vice president for talent, culture and human resources, said in the press release. "The university is an attractive workplace, and the demand for jobs is high. As a major Ohio employer and one of the nation's largest universities, it makes good sense for Ohio State to give the public easy access to some of its most sought-after data."

I'm guessing Urban Meyer probably tops the payroll on this list... Go Bucks!


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