Barbara Bush has Long Family Ties to Central Ohio

Barbara Bush's deep roots in Marysville can be traced back to her great-grandmother’s home on 6th Street, built in 1853, where historians said generations of her family were raised.

Her great-grandmother had 12 children, with eight of them raised in the 6th Street home, including Bush’s mother, Pauline Pierce.  Barbara's grandfather and grandmother met at Miami University and married in Union County. Her grandfather James Robinson also held a high office.  As wife of then-Vice President Bush, Parrott said Barbara Bush came quietly into Marysville in 1991 to attend her mother's alumni celebration at Marysville High. But back then, he said, there was only one hotel.

Governor John Kasich ordered all American flags flying on public buildings to be lowered to half-staff until Barbara Bush's funeral.



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