Whoa Whoa Whoa! Cbus Skyline Goes All Blue Jackets

With game 3 of the first round approaching, the ‘LET’S GO JACKETS’ tribute still illuminates the skyline.  But do you ever wonder just how Nationwide displays various messages in their windows?  The process isn't actually as "High-Tech" as one would think?  Even I thought they must have some kind of a program that, with a push of a few buttons, allows them to place any message on the side of their building-Nope!

Every night, a team of maintenance workers open or close the blinds, on several floors to spell the message.

They go through the building on floors 27 through 35, and check over 600 windows by pulling the shades, or inserting pieces of cardboard to spell out the letters.  The whole process takes three or four workers about two hours to complete. Nationwide plans to keep the building illuminated for the Blue Jackets, until their season is complete.  And there you have it!  Hats off to these Nationwide employees on bringing community together, especially to thousands of drivers in the evening rolling through downtown!  

Oh, and GO JACKETS!  Beat the Caps!




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