Why Are People Falling off the Ohio Union Garage?

Ohio State University is taking some major action after two falls in four days from the same campus parking garage. A 19-year-old student died Thursday after falling from the Ohio Union South Garage-Sunday a 35-year-old woman fell from the same garage.

The 911 call last Thursday says it all-

"I'm at the Union. Ohio Union south, right by the entrance, just had a young man jump off the building. He just jumped off the parking garage."

The victim, 19-year-old Daniel Birdsall, died at the hospital.

Then three days later, another call to 911:

"A woman just jumped from the top floor. She's on the ground."

Police say 35-year-old Kelly Denlinger, a former student, was in critical condition when she was taken to the hospital. But the crazy thing is these tragedies last week aren't the first at this garage.

In February of last year, a female student died after falling from the top floor Her death was later ruled a suicide. Police are still investigating Thursday's and Sunday's falls, but will only say foul play is not suspected.

Ohio State says in response to these incidents, it is examining all garages on campus for potential changes that could prevent future tragedies.  My question is why?  This is certainly tragic & it made me think of those on a larger scale who use the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay to end their life.  All for placing netting and any other safety measures to prevent this from continuing to happen but why the Ohio Union Garage?  Easy access to?  Not sure but Ohio State now has a task force in place to come up with solutions and hopefully end the actions taken by those who are needing help, but feel there's no else where to turn.  There's help if you or anyone you may know need help with feeling suicidal. See more at the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Ohio State Counseling & Consultation Service, & The Ohio Suicide Hotline.  There IS help! 


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