Wednesday Randoms-Most Annoying Vacation Pix to Post & More


Nope, no one cares about your vacation … According to a new survey, a whopping 73% of people said they think it’s annoying when vacationers share their pics on social media. According to a third of the respondents, the “hot dog legs on the beach” pic was the most irritating image for them. (Aviva


Do you know your partner’s passwords? A new Today show/Survey Monkey poll revealed that 65% of married adults know their spouse’s social media passwords. Other results of the survey: 58% of married couples say they share the household chores equally, 91% say children are not necessary for a happy or complete marriage, and 25% said the thing they most commonly argue about is money. (Today


Honesty is the best … job interview policy. According to a new study, being honest in your job interview gives you a better chance of actually getting hired. Researchers found that people who bring up their flaws in job interviews are more likely to be successful, because it makes them stand out from the competition. On the other hand, job candidates who try to portray a perfect version of themselves come across as inauthentic – and are less likely to be chosen. (Telegraph)


Fat cats ... and dogs. We've all seen experts warn that most of America is pushing the envelope of obesity – so it shouldn't be surprising that our pets are in the same boat. Veterinarians at Oregon's Banfield Pet Hospital studied 10 years’ worth of visits and found that the number of obese cats is up 169% – with dangerously fat dogs up 158%. That can cut years from the life of a pet – and increase vet bills an average of 30%. (NY Daily News)


How to stay super with Uber … Once upon a time, you could keep your grade-A Uber rating by simply meeting your driver on time and being polite – but those days are gone. With the service's new tipping protocols in place, experts have some advice on how to maintain that gold-star image. While the Uber app offers you the option of tipping 20, 25 or 30%, drivers surveyed by Harvard University say the best way to win their hearts is to tip in cash – which they don't have to report – or even give a gift. One driver recalls getting a bottle of Grey Goose as a thank you for a stressful ride. (NY Post)


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