Monday Randoms-Does Heat Make You Grumpy & Forgetting=Smarter?


Is running the fountain of youth? A new study has found that being highly active is like shaving a decade off the cellular aging happening in your body. According to researchers, highly active means at least 30 minutes of running a day, five day a week, for women and 40 minutes for men. (BYU)


Don't drink and date. If you want to really have a good time while playing the field, steer clear of booze. Young singles in New York City are increasingly drawn to so-called "sober mixers," in which people ditch the wine and margaritas in favor of cooking classes or outdoor fun. As social event planner Ruby Wennington tells the New York Post, "Imagine going to a job interview; the last thing you do is turn up drunk."


Does the heat make you grumpy? A new study has found that when it’s really hot out, people are moodier and less likely to help others. (Eurekalert


Forgetting makes you smarter … While not being able to remember something is usually considered a failure of the brain, a new study suggests that our brains are actively trying to forget memories in order to hold onto the truly important stuff. In other words, a brain that does a better job forgetting is actually a smarter, more efficient brain. (Medical Express)  


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