Thursday Randoms-Absolute One Word never to Say when Apologizing

  • Soothing your sole. You go to great lengths to avoid tan lines on your body – but what about your feet? A company called Nakefit has solved that foot tanning dilemma with a line of adhesives that stick directly to the soles of your feet – you know, for those beach outings where those flip-flops are just too formal. (Metro)   
  • Is your relationships in a rut? Maybe it’s time for a puppy. According to a new study, when people in relationships saw pics of their partners with puppies or other cute animals, their feelings about them became more positive and their satisfaction with the relationship increased. (Psychological Science)     
  • "But" out. According to Harriet Lerner, a psychologist and author of the book Why Won’t You Apologize?, there is one word you should never say during an apology. And that word is but. As in, “I’m sorry, but …” Lerner says adding a “but” is an excuse that pretty much discounts anything you said before it. (AOL)     
  • Seems some McDonald’s lovers aren’t lovin’ the new fresh beef Quarter-Pounders. But the reason people are upset about the new fresh, not frozen beef patties being tried out in select locations has nothing to do with taste. Instead, it’s about time. Seems it takes longer to cook the fresh-beef burgers and people want their fast food, well, fast. How much longer does it take to cook? One minute. (Delish)    
  • Speaking of fast food ... According to a new survey, people now prefer fast food – in general – to eating at full-service restaurants. It’s the first time in 10 years that fast food restaurants have rated higher than full-service restaurants in the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index. Why? Lower grocery prices might be causing more Americans to eat at home – and younger people want quicker service, convenience and healthier choices. (Nation’s Restaurant News)   
  • So there’s a new T-shirt that makes your breasts look bigger. The Illusion Grid T-shirt, from Japanese brand ekoD Works, features an optical illusion graphic that makes breasts appear double their size. It costs about $35. Cheaper than a boob job … (Daily Mail)


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