Wednesday Randoms-Barbie gets Updated BF, An Instagram College & More

Mattel Ken Doll


  • Seems like there’s a wage gap with super heroes too … Gal Gadot reportedly earned $300,000 for Wonder Woman, while Henry Cavill, who played Superman in Man of Steel, earned a cool $14 million. (Cosmo)         
  • Go see a friend. A new study has found that helping out a stressed or depressed friend works much better in person than through texts or emails.  (University of British Columbia)     
  • This seems obvious, but a new study has found that happiness at work depends largely on the kind of boss you have. Specifically, the study found that if a boss has a strong sense of purpose, a good moral compass, and is committed to both employees and the company as a whole, employees are more satisfied with their jobs, less likely to quit, and more likely to go the extra mile. (University of Sussex)     
  • Speaking of bosses … According to a new study, women hold female bosses to higher emotional standard than male bosses. Researchers found that female managers are viewed negatively if they don't focus on building relationships with their staff. Women employees expect more flexibility, emotional understanding and support from female bosses than they do from male bosses. And female bosses who do not focus on relationship building can be perceived "very negatively" by their female staff. (Stuff)    
  • Instagram College? A university in China is offering courses on how to become a social media star. And this is serious business. Top-earning social media celebs, known as Wang Hong in China, can earn up to $46 million a year. (Mashable)     
  • That’s a lot of guac … Three men in Oxnard, California, have been arrested on suspicion of the theft of $300,000 worth of avocados. That’s Grand Theft Avocado. (The Daily Meal)     
  • Barbie's boyfriend gets hip: Mattel is giving Barbie a much wider range of dating options – with the addition of 18 new Ken dolls, each with a different skin tone and body type. But while everyone seems to love the idea of Dad-Bod Ken and Latino-looking Ken, the one getting the most attention is the hipster model – which is topped off with a very 2015-looking man bun. (Cosmo)


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