Tuesday Randoms-Dad Bods are Officially HOT, Coffee that makes You Younger

  • Move it! A new study from Johns Hopkins University found that 19-year-olds are as sedentary as people in their 60s. (Johns Hopkins)      
  • Cream? Sugar? Collagen? Seems people are adding collagen powder to their morning coffee in an effort to get younger looking skin. (Delish)             
  • What's up, Doc? Your cocktail just got a little bit healthier ... thanks to some farmers who've started making vodka out of carrots that are "too cracked, marked or wonky" to sell at produce stands. Each bottle contains a full 20% carrot juice ... which will make it a lot easier to say that drinking your Bloody Mary is healthy for you. (ABC Australia)             
  • You'll have what she's having! Sure, you could come up with a way to fake the “Big O” on your own, but if you want to do it right, why not call in a pro? Oklahoma City native Tonia Sina, who calls herself an "intimacy choreographer," started out by giving pointers to actors who had to mimic bedroom satisfaction in plays or movies … but has moved on to more stripped down settings. (New York Times)            
  • Dad Bods are here to stay. A recent study found that 70% of women are attracted to men who are 10 to 20 pounds overweight. It also revealed that nearly half of the women surveyed consider dad bods to be the “new six-pack,” and 83% of women would be proud if their husband had this physique! (Women’s Health)                        
  • Turn off that alarm? So recently we reported on a study that said sleeping in on the weekends was bad for your health ... but now there's this ... Research recently published in the journal Sleeps suggests that sleeping in on the weekends could actually have some benefits. The study revealed that people who slept too little throughout the week and caught up on sleep on the weekends had slightly lower BMIs (body mass index) than those who slept too little all week and did not compensate on weekends. (Cosmo)


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