Monday Randoms-Pizza Ice Cream, & Never Touch this on a Plane

  • Linkedin lies … According to a new study, more than a third of LinkedIn users admitted to lying to some degree on their profiles. (    
  • Hate going to the dentist? Virtual reality to the rescue. A new study revealed that when patients were hooked up to a virtual reality beach setting while receiving dental work, they reported lower levels of anxiety and reduced pain. (Plymouth University)       
  • Don't touch this on the plane. Kinda tough because that’s where your food and drinks are served, but according to flight attendants the germiest thing on the plane is your tray table. Seems they are rarely sanitized and one flight attendant revealed that she had once seen a woman change a baby’s diaper on one. Ugh. Note to self: Bring sanitizing wipes on the plane. (Good Housekeeping)       
  • Oregon just became the first state to allow residents to declare their gender as non-binary on their driver’s licenses. The Oregon Transportation Committee approved a rule that allows for a third gender option on state ID cards: M, F or X for "not specified." (Buzzfeed)       
  • So pizza ice cream is a thing now ... and you can thank Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia  for the creation. The pizza ice cream has all the ingredients you’d likely find on a slice at your local pizza place – tomatoes, basil, garlic, oregano, salt, and crushed red pepper. And while it may sound less than appetizing, fans of the bizarre flavor love it. The ice cream shop has even teamed up with the pizza parlor next door to create the Frankford Avenue Taco – a slice of pizza with pizza ice cream on top. Instagram worthy – definitely. But actually eating? Questionable … (Pop Sugar


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