This Girl Wanted Garth's Autograph But Not On Her Sign

posted by Zuko - 

At his show in Billings, Montana, Garth Brooks spotted a fan holding up a sign asking for his autograph. But she didn't want him to sign her sign but instead, she hoped he would sign her shoulder so that she could have his signature permanently tattooed on her body. 

Garth said yes but not before asking for her mother's permission.

The ultimate Garth Tattoo, with 10,000+ friends

Recently Garth Brooks invited Kimberly Hardman on stage to "sign her shoulder" so she can get it as a tattoo! Garth even asked her mother "if it was okay" first. Mom approved, and it went down like this! Congrats Kimberly on your very cool moment! OUR QUESTION -- Who has a cool Garth tattoo? Let us see!! :D It can be a signature, like Kim's or lyrics or his photo or even his logo!

Posted by Garth Brooks Believers on Thursday, June 15, 2017


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