Monday Randoms-Stop Late Night Snacks, Vibrating Yoga Pants & More

  • And what did you do this weekend? 94-year-old Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, became the oldest woman to complete a half marathon when she crossed the finish line at the Rock N’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon on Sunday with a time of 3:42:56. Two years ago, Harriette became the oldest woman to finish a full marathon with a time of 7:24:36. By the way … she’s beaten cancer twice and didn’t start running till she was 76. (Charlotte Observer)      
  • Speaking of goals … A Georgia mom put her law school dreams on hold to raise her kids. But Jerita Hall’s dream recently became a reality when, at age 64, she graduated from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. Hall was surrounded by her children, grandchild, and some 60 family members and friends when she got her degree. But that wasn’t all … Hall’s children decided to repay their mom for her sacrifice ... with her dream car … a black Mercedes Benz C300. (ABC News)      
  • Pour on the olive oil ... A new study has found that a compound found in olive oil may help prevent brain cancer. (University of Edinburgh)       
  • Time to cut the late night snacking … University of Pennsylvania researchers found that eating late at night can cause weight gain and mess with your metabolism. It’s also linked to heart disease and other health problems. (University of Pennsylvania)       
  • So vibrating yoga pants are a thing. No, not that kind of vibrating. Australian company Wearable X claims its new Nadi X fitness tights can actually help improve your posture and your yoga positions. Apparently there are motion sensors in the tights that detect your position and will vibrate if you need to get into a better pose. (Muscle and Fitness)      
  • One more reason to get your sweat on … Research has found that exercise improves your sex life. Yep, women who exercise are not only more interested in sex but they report better satisfaction with their sex lives. (       
  • This is frightening … A scientist has discovered a type of snake, called the Cuban boa, that hunts in packs. No doubt someone is writing the horror movie as we speak. (AOL


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