Woody 500 Heat Names and Racers

We will be at Magic Mountain Fun Center-Polaris starting at 5:30am and racing will begin around 7am ET! We hope to see you there!

Heat 1 – Beer and Chicken Wings

Rookie- Charles (Chuck Taylor) Campbell 6’5 315lb Safety Services Officer for Alliance Date

     *Ate the Ohio Deli Dagwood in 15 minutes

Rookie- Kevin (Tiny) Lorenzo 6’6 350 lbs from Thompson Concrete

     *Ate a lot of pizza

Pro-. Donnie Renner 6’0 380 lbs. from Columbus Motor Speedway

Vet- Matt (Shrek) Kalley 6’7 351 lb Columbus Fire Fighter

*Has finished the Hoggies Challenge

Heat 2- Chili Cheese Fries

Rookie- George Parker Jr. 6’3 330 lbs. from Little Ceasars

Rookie- Robert (Sweet Lou) Reynolds 6’4 370 lbs. from Lowes

PRO- Ray (Outlaw) Pemberton 5’11 300 lbs. from Exhaust Works

* Ate 50 hot wings and 2 pitchers of beer in one sitting

Vet- Chris (BIG Chris) Suttle 6’1 320 . Bus Driver for Columbus Center for Human Services

*At a 72oz Big Texan Steak

Heat 3- Meatlovers

Rookie- John Hesse 6’6 278 lbs. from Crown Equipment

* Ate 3 Big Macs, 20pc. McNugget, Large Fry Carmel Sunday and a large Drink

Rookie- Brent (B-Dub)Wriesel 5’10 322 lbs. from City of Columbus

* At the Dagwood Challenge at Ohio Deli

Vet- Tony (Big Bacon) Spinosi 6’3 400 lbs. from Cardinal Health

* Sausage and cheese omelet, double plate with a bunch of stuff on it

Pro- Greg Hubbert 6’3 380 lbs. from BST&G Fire Distric

* Ate 50 sliders in one sitting

Heat 4- All you can eat Pancakes

Rookie- Chad (Baby Huey) Clemons

6’6 420 lbs. from Honeywell Safety Products

* Ate 50 wings at Hooters

Rookie- Cody (Codak) Toland 5’8 365 lb. Columbus City Schools Bus Driver

* Has eaten a medium pizza and 12 wings in one meal

Vet- Oscar (Big O) Shortridge 6’2 330 lbs from Xpo

Pro- Harold (Interloper) Loper 6’6 400 lbs. from Gardaworld Cash Services

Heat 5- Food that Makes You Fat

Rookie- Matt (Deffenballer) Deffenbaugh 6’0 302 lbs. from Sompon International Insurance

* Ate a whole large pizza and entire order of cheesy breadsticks and 2L of pop

Rookie- Allen (Twinklypig) Bowers 6’0 320 lbs. from FedEx Freight

Vet- Mike (Moose) Papp 6’3 435 lbs. Self Employed

*Everything is an eating feat for him

PRO- Scott Merchant 6’4 320 lbs. Crew Chief at Merchant Racing

Heat 6- We Hate Salad

Rookie-Dustin (Chefie) Bowers 6’0 401 lbs. from Giant Eagle

* Making Food and Eating It

Rookie- Bobby (Big Country) Dorsey 6’4 333 lbs. from LKG Keystone

* Ate the Dagwood Challenge at Ohio Deli

Vet- Jeremy (Hoss) Likens 6’2 330 lbs. from CST Utilities


Pro- Dave (Dirty Dave) Potts 6’0 330 lbs. from BGS&T Fire District

Heat 7- Buffett

Rookie- Jeff (Sunshine) Stroup 6’4 330 lbs. from Battelle

*Hasn’t happened yet

Rookie- Aaron (Dad) Widay 6’5 310 lbs. who is retired

* 2 large pizzas with everything on it

Vet- Bill (Billy Bob) Lipp 5’11 350 lbs. from CenturyLink

Pro- Mike (Marmaduke) Northrup 6’4 400 lbs. from TP Mechanical

* Ate a Baked Potato with everything on it and ice cream for dessert washed down with cold ones

Heat 8- Slider Case

Rookie- Matthew Wolfe 6’6 340 lb. Owner of Wolfe Plumping and Heating

*Everyday is an eating feat!

Rookie- Jody Gill 6’3 310 lbs. from Forward Air in Groveport

* Ate the Scioto Ribbers large steak plus an extra

Vet- Ben (Yeater Tots) Yeater 6’5 335 lbs.

* Ate an entire cheeseburger in one bite

PRO- Jobie McCoy 6’0 360 lbs. from Jobie’s Tree Service

* The most food he’s ever eaten is $125 from taco bell drive thru after leaving Columbus motor speedway with Donnie Renner

Heat 9-Chocolate & Sprinkles

Rookie- Dan (Stretch Man) Heronemus 6’6 185 lbs. from Forward Air in Groveport

* Ate the Dagwood challenge from Ohio Deli TWICE

Rookie- Jason (Hamburgler) Whitbeck 6’3 500 lbs. from MSC Industrail Supply

* Ate the Submarine House 16' Triple Meat in 3 minutes

Vet- Don (Buck) Maloy 6’0 320 lbs. from Thortons Transportation

* Asked to leave a Chinese Buffet

Vet- Jacob (Gumball) Carson 6’2 375 lbs. from John Glenn International Fire Rescue

*Eats a lot of Meat

Heat 10-Cinnabon

Vet- Brian (Kool-Aid) Gillispie 2016 CHAMP

 6’1 360 lbs from Swan/Freedom

* Dagwood challenge from Ohio Deli under 30 mins

Vet- David (Little Dave) Tomlinson 6’2 330 lbs. from BCI Mechanical

* At the Lee's OMG burger in 7 minutes

Vet- Gary (Sasquatch) Ashby 6’6 360 lbs. from ODOT

* Ate the Thurminator in 20 minutes and 3 foot longs

Vet- David (Big D) Jacobs 6’0 490 lbs. from Midwest Logistic

* The kitchen sink at Kent's ice cream shop in Mt Vernon

Heat 11-Grand Big Mac

Vet- Josh (Big Johnson) Johnson 6’1 335 lbs. from Miller Pipeline

Vet- Danny (Big D) Ball 6’4 350 lbs.

From Mesko Spotting Service

*The Thurminator

Vet- Roman (The Red Bearded Warrior) Taylor 6’0 380 lbs. from The Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry

*Has never known what a leftover was

Vet- Blake (Bigfoot) Miller 7’0 410 lbs. from Pipevalves

* 100 crave case

Heat 12-Big Don Sub

Vet- Gary (Tiny) Ryan 6’2 360 lbs. from Trane

*50 wings

Vet- Steve (The Bearded Beauty) Moore 6’3 340 lbs. from Ohio BMV

* Ate Taco Bell, While Castle and Chipotle in the same day and survived

Vet-Jud (Cookie) Hunderson 6’4 330 lbs. from Commercial Parts and Services

* 125 wings in one sitting


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