Wednesday Randoms-Fittest City in U.S., What Job Seekers Want Most

  • They may have long, cold winters, but people in Minneapolis don’t let that stop them from being active. Minneapolis-St. Paul earned the top spot on this year’s list of America’s 50 “fittest cities,” according to the annual American Fitness Index from the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation. Washington, D.C., was number two, followed by San Francisco, Seattle and San Jose. (Today)       
  • According to a survey by dating app Hinge, the kind of first date that most often leads to a second date is meeting for drinks. 37% said having drinks was the best way to a date number two. That was followed by meeting for coffee at 34%, lunch at 30% and dinner at 27%. And what is the best drink to get on that first date? A whopping 57% said a Bloody Mary. After that came the Old Fashioned (35%), beer (27%) and tequila at 20%.      
  • Something to think about if you’re dating someone with low self-esteem … A new study has found that when insecure people are in a relationship they often project their issues onto the person they are with and blame them for their unhappiness. Specifically, they regret the sacrifices they’ve made for their partner because they don’t feel appreciated or supported by them. (      
  • Teens and young adults do a lot of sexting, but according to a new study, the sexting is not linked to an increase in actual sexual activity. (       
  • Here’s one as we head into wedding season … A survey asked: “You had a falling out with a friend but you are both invited to the same wedding. Should you snub her when you see her”? 59% said it’s petty to continue the fight and you should make up with the person before you see them at the wedding (    
  • Sure, salary is important, but another thing job seekers are looking for in an employer is flexibility. A survey by found that 80% of respondents said flexibility was a top consideration when considering a new job. 33% said they had left a job because it didn't offer the flexibility they needed. (NBC News)


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