Little Brother Surprise Big Bro with Long Lost Car

Back in the early 1980s, a New Jersey high school boy bought a 1969 Silver Jade Ford Mustang for $300 and drove it everywhere. It was the car of his dreams.

Unfortunately, in 1984, the car was destroyed in a storm. It couldn’t be repaired. It was gone forever.

But while it couldn’t be repaired, it was replaced – more than 30 years later.

That boy’s younger brother, Glenn – now an adult, of course – spent the last few years traveling the country, looking for that exact car model. He found it in Texas – and then went about restoring it to perfection … all without his brother knowing.

Recently, Glenn surprised his older brother by showing up in his driveway with a beautifully restored '69 Mustang with zero rust and the exact same color.

More than just a car, this Mustang was a connection to the past – as well as a connection between brothers who’ve spent decades growing up and old together. (BroBible)



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