Monday Randoms-Most Expensive Earrings Just Sold, CVS Will No Longer Carry this

  • Canadian Claire Eccles is about to make baseball history … by becoming the first woman to play in the West Coast League – a league that attracts some of the best college players in North America. Eccles, a pitcher for Canada’s Women’s National Team, will join the Victoria Harbourcats for the 2017 season. Eccles earned the invite due to her mean left-handed knuckleball. (For the Win)    
  • New Yorkers usually speed up to get away from the stench of street-side garbage containers, but artist Lewis Miller wants them to stop turning up their noses. Miller, a high-end wedding florist, has been decorating the Big Apple with what he calls "flower flashes," which go up in the wee hours of the morning. He specializes in trash cans, but has put flowers in and on everything from statues to the city's John Lennon memorial – and he welcomes having strangers grab a bloom or two, calling them "collaborators." (Mashable)      
  • Emmanuel Macron, the newly-elected president of France, has filled his 22-person cabinet with an equal number of men and women … just like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Macron calls it “a government of renewal." (NY Times)       
  • CVS has announced that they will no longer carry any sunscreen or tanning products with an SPF below 15. The company’s "Long Live Skin" campaign will feature a variety of sun products, most of which have been been dermatologist tested and approved, that boast smarter sun protection and an emphasis on preventing skin diseases and aging caused by sun exposure. They are even expanding their selection to include many more organic and all natural options. (Glamour)    
  • So the most expensive earrings in the world just sold for $57.4 million … and they don’t even match. Last week, Sotheby’s auctioned off two earrings totaling $57.4 million. They are meant to be a pair, but were auctioned separately because one is perfectly blue and the other is a perfectly pink pear shaped gem. They don’t match in color, but they are meant to be worn together in style. The gems were named for Greek gods. The blue Apollo, weighing in at 14.54 carats, is said to be “the largest internally flawless fancy blue diamond ever to be sold at auction.” It alone sold for more than $42 million. The pink diamond, named Artemis, sold for $15 million and weighs in at 16 carats. Meanwhile, at Claire’s, you can get yourself a giant pair of Cubics, sold as a pair, that are just as sparkly ... for about $20. (Cosmo


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