Thursday Randoms-Instagram is the new Snapchat, McDonalds Delivers & More

  • Men’s rompers have made their debut … and everyone is going crazy. Yes, rompers, as in one-pieces where the shirt and shorts are attached. The “RompHim” (instead of Romp-“HER”) has raised nearly half of its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter, and the reactions range from confused to downright disgusted. Either way, it’s making a splash. (College Candy)      
  • It’s official – Instagram is the new Snapchat. Instagram has introduced augmented face filters into their stories, including crowns, koalas, rabbits, and more. Of course, they’re really similar to the ones users can find on Snapchat. (The Verge)      
  • What’s better than Starbucks iced coffee? Starbucks iced coffee with Starbucks coffee ice. Yes, it’s a real thing that’s being tested for a limited time at 100 stores in Baltimore and St. Louis. Let’s hope it stays, because watered down coffee is the worst. (Cosmo)   
  • McDonald’s delivery is happening. McDonald’s has teamed up with Uber to offer delivery in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Columbus, Ohio. All you have to do is download the UberEATS app and you can get a Quarter Pounder at your door. Don’t stress if you don’t live in those four cities, though. According to McDelivery, yup, that’s what they named it, the response has been so good they have plans to offer delivery in many more cities across the country in the coming months. (Cosmo)




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