Wednesday Randoms-Nerds make the best Friends, Women Want Man like their Bro?

  • Brotherly love? A new study claims that women want a man who looks like their brother. Yep, researchers found that the women in the study were most attracted to guys who had the greatest resemblance to their brothers. This is consistent with other studies that have shown we’re all attracted to people who look like us. But … this one is a whole lot creepier because of the whole brother thing. (Mirror)       
  • Want a relationship that will go the distance? Then settle. According to a new study, settling is the secret to a long and happy relationship. Yep, realizing that the grass isn’t greener somewhere else and that the person you’re with doesn’t have to be EVERYTHING you are looking for (but pretty darn close) is the secret to a lasting union. The study also reveals that dating apps like Tinder give us way too many options, making it hard to believe the person we are with is the best one for us. (College Candy)      
  • Taco Bell is upping the nacho game … with nacho fries! Nacho fries are being tested in some California, West Virginia and Canadian stores, and word on Twitter is they are amazing. You can get your nacho fries two ways – seasoned with a side of nacho dipping sauce or Supreme, topped with cheese, seasoned beef, diced tomatoes and sour cream. (Redbook)       
  • Australian real estate millionaire Tim Gurner thinks the reason Millennials can’t afford to buy homes is because they are blowing all their money on avocado toast and lattes. (       
  • General Mills is giving away 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms. Specially marked boxes of regular Lucky Charms will be available at select retailers this month. The boxes will contain a special 14-digit code written inside. Customers can enter the code at to see if they won one of the marshmallow-only boxes. (Huffington Post)       
  • Delta Air Lines is testing a check-in kiosk that uses facial recognition to match passengers’ faces to their passport photos. The kiosk will debut at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer. If things goes well, the new kiosk could replace actual human check-in agents. (Huffington Post)      
  • Bookworms make the best friends … According to a new study, people who chose books as their favorite source of media were nicer and more supportive than people who preferred to watch TV. In fact, the study revealed that TV lovers came across as less friendly, less open-minded and less understanding of other people's views. (Bustle


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