Monday Randoms-The Bikini Dethroned, Disneyland for Wine & More!

  • We could have told you this … According to a University of Florida study, dogs help kids feel less stressed. (   
  • Bikinis may be dethroned at the beach this year … Research of retail trends found that there are 20% more one-piece styles on the market than just last year, and bikini stock in stores has fallen by 9%. Also, one-pieces are being purchased three times faster than they were in 2016. And it’s the athletic brands and styles that are driving the most sales. Turns out women are looking for function and fashion when it comes to swimwear. If you prefer a bikini, don’t worry – you won’t look out of place on the beach. They are still super popular – just expect to see a lot more one-pieces than you’re used to! (Cosmo)    
  • Disneyland for wine? Yes, please. China is building  something called Wine City – which is basically an adult amusement park dedicated to the art of winemaking. (Bloomberg


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