Friday Randoms-Avocado Injury Warning, Facebook Addiction, & More

  • Call your moms! And not just on Mother’s Day. According to a new survey, 38% of moms say they want to hear from their kids a few times a week. (Survey Monkey)         
  • Forget the flowers. According to a new survey, a whopping 85% of new Millennial moms say what they really want for Mother’s Day is acknowledgement from family and friends that they're doing a good job, rather than flowers. (AOL)        
  • Facebook fix? According to a new study, Facebook is as addicting as cigarettes and chocolate, and that just seeing the Facebook logo triggers a “craving” for you to log on. (The Sun)         
  • Should avocados come with warning stickers? Plastic surgeons in the UK are warning people about the dangers of cutting open an avocado after seeing an uptick in "avocado hand." Yep, it has a name – and it’s what happens when the knife slips while you’re cutting through an avocado and slicing the palm of your hand. Ouch. (Huffington Post


MOTHER’S DAY: Are Single Moms Left Out?

Many single moms feel left out on Mother’s Day, saying that the day is not the same when you don’t have a partner to pamper you. One single mom went so far as to say that Mother’s Day is more about wives than moms.

"I have realized that, despite 'mother' being in the title, Mother’s Day is a holiday for wives. I am the former but not the latter," writes Sara Ackerman in the Washington Post.


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