15 Modern Day Etiquette Rules You Should Always Practice

1). When to text-Just like excusing yourself for a phone call, do the same when grabbing your phone to text someone

2). Whoever arrives to the door First, Open it for the other

3). Don't Microwave Stinky Foods at Work(My Favorite!  I cannot STAND when people do this)

4). When Flying, STOP crowding the boarding area

5). When using an Elevator, Let others off first, then hold the Doors for others before you Board(I'm sure this is debatable 

6). Work emails can be sent anytime, but business texts should be restricted to one hour before the start of the workday to two hours after it ends, according to The Modern Gentleman.

7). When Passing Food around a table, pass it CounterClockwise 

8). Answer your personal and professional phones by stating your name

9). Stay at Home from Work when Sick...Your Colleagues will Thank You!

10). Don't Let Guests at your party Drive Drunk

11). Remove your Sunglasses and Earbuds to talk to people

12). Avoid Public Cell Phone conversations

13). RSVP Back right Away

14). Going to a Party?  Never show up empty handed-Bring Flowers, Wine, Fruit, Candy, Something!

15). Always be on Time! Always!

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