Wed Randoms: Sexiest Accents, New Oreo, Your Tablet can Make Sunburn Worse

  • What’s the world’s sexiest accent? According to a new international survey, women think British accents are the world’s sexiest, while men go wild over a woman with an Israeli accent. (Washington Times)         
  • Apparently love and politics don’t mix well for Millennials. According to a new survey, 22% of Millennials have split up because of differing political views. And 21% of couples in serious relationships say that the current political climate is causing tension in their relationship. (Bustle)          
  • Wedding goals? A California couple took their wedding to higher ground … by getting married on Mt. Everest. Ashley Schmeider and James Sisson spent three weeks hiking up the mountain and tied the knot at a Mt. Everest base camp, 17,000 feet above sea level. (Cosmo)          
  • Purse dreams? Coach just bought Kate Spade  … for a cool $2.4 billion. (NY Times)          
  • Another day, another Oreo flavor. Up next … Waffles & Syrup Oreos. They are available starting this week, exclusively at Albertson's grocery stores. (Redbook)          
  • Speaking of Oreo flavors … The next one could be yours … and you could win a $500,000 prize for it. The Oreo contest runs through July 14th. They'll be taking submissions through Twitter and Instagram using #MyOreoCreation and #Contest hashtags. (USA Today)          
  • Did you know your tablet and phone can make your sunburn worse? A recent study found that indirect sunlight reflected off of electronic devices can increase your sun exposure by up to 85%. That means you lather all that sunscreen on and it loses its effectiveness within minutes, not hours. Stick to the shade when you're reading your Kindle. (Today


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