Woody 500 2017

"The Greatest Spectacle in Go-Kart Racing," the 'Woody 500,' will take place Friday, May 26th, at Magic Mountain Fun Center/Polaris, beginning at 7:30 a.m. So if you're a 'Big'un,' as in 6'6" or taller...300 lbs or more - or both, then enter below (you will be weighed and measured!).

Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, May 24th at 12pm.

On the day of the race all drivers MUST be signed in no later than 7am. Racing begins at 7:30 SHARP. Please bring your fan club to help cheer you on. 

But the race is limited to 48 racers, and will end without notice when the field is full. So if YOU'RE a large human and like to have a good time plus it's the Friday before a long Memorial Day weekend, then enter today!

Grand Prize is four (4) tickets to this year's running of the Indy 500, courtesy of Minuteman Tickets. Trophies will be awarded courtesy of Starr Trophy & Awards of London, OH, and every racer will receive a FREE t-shirt (a B I G t-shirt - that fits!) from AbsoluteImpressionsInc.com. Plus enjoy free food provided by Specialty Gas House and their Big Green Eggs, check them out at www.ohioeggfest.com.


Heat 1 – Beer and Chicken Wings

Rookie- Charles (Chuck Taylor) Campbell 6’5 315lb Safety Services Officer for Alliance Date

     *Ate the Ohio Deli Dagwood in 15 minutes

Rookie- Kevin (Tiny) Lorenzo 6’6 350 lbs from Thompson Concrete

     *Ate a lot of pizza

Pro-. Donnie Renner 6’0 380 lbs. from Columbus Motor Speedway

Vet- Matt (Shrek) Kalley 6’7 351 lb Columbus Fire Fighter

*Has finished the Hoggies Challenge

Heat 2- Chili Cheese Fries

Rookie- George Parker Jr. 6’3 330 lbs. from Little Ceasars

Rookie- Robert (Sweet Lou) Reynolds 6’4 370 lbs. from Lowes

PRO- Ray (Outlaw) Pemberton 5’11 300 lbs. from Midwest Equipment

* Ate 50 hot wings and 2 pitchers of beer in one sitting

Vet- Chris (BIG Chris) Suttle 6’1 320 . Bus Driver for Columbus Center for Human Services

*At a 72oz Big Texan Steak

Heat 3- Meatlovers

Rookie- John Hesse 6’6 278 lbs. from Crown Equipment

* Ate 3 Big Macs, 20pc. McNugget, Large Fry Carmel Sunday and a large Drink

Rookie- Brent (B-Dub)Wriesel 5’10 322 lbs. from City of Columbus

* At the Dagwood Challenge at Ohio Deli

Vet- Tony (Big Bacon) Spinosi 6’3 400 lbs. from Cardinal Health

* Sausage and cheese omelet, double plate with a bunch of stuff on it

Pro- Greg Hubbert 6’3 380 lbs. from BST&G Fire Distric

* Ate 50 sliders in one sitting

Heat 4- All you can eat Pancakes

Rookie- Chad (Baby Huey) Clemons

6’6 420 lbs. from Honeywell Safety Products

* Ate 50 wings at Hooters

Rookie- Cody (Codak) Toland 5’8 365 lb. Columbus City Schools Bus Driver

* Has eaten a medium pizza and 12 wings in one meal

Vet- Oscar (Big O) Shortridge 6’2 330 lbs from Xpo

Pro- Harold (Interloper) Loper 6’6 400 lbs. from Gardaworld Cash Services

Heat 5- Food that Makes You Fat

Rookie- Matt (Deffenballer) Deffenbaugh 6’0 302 lbs. from Sompon International Insurance

* Ate a whole large pizza and entire order of cheesy breadsticks and 2L of pop

Rookie- Allen (Twinklypig) Bowers 6’0 320 lbs. from FedEx Freight

Vet- Mike (Moose) Papp 6’3 435 lbs. Self Employed

*Everything is an eating feat for him

PRO- Scott Merchant 6’4 320 lbs. Crew Chief at Merchant Racing

Heat 6- We Hate Salad

Rookie-Dustin (Chefie) Bowers 6’0 401 lbs. from Giant Eagle

* Making Food and Eating It

Rookie- Bobby (Big Country) Dorsey 6’4 333 lbs. from LKG Keystone

* Ate the Dagwood Challenge at Ohio Deli

Vet- Jeremy (Hoss) Likens 6’2 330 lbs. from CST Utilities


Pro- Dave (Dirty Dave) Potts 6’0 330 lbs. from BGS&T Fire District

Heat 7- Buffett

Rookie- Jeff (Sunshine) Stroup 6’4 330 lbs. from Battelle

*Hasn’t happened yet

Rookie- Aaron (Dad) Widay 6’5 310 lbs. who is retired

* 2 large pizzas with everything on it

Vet- Bill (Billy Bob) Lipp 5’11 350 lbs. from CenturyLink

Pro- Mike (Marmaduke) Northrup 6’4 400 lbs. from TP Mechanical

* Ate a Baked Potato with everything on it and ice cream for dessert washed down with cold ones

Heat 8- Slider Case

Rookie- Matthew Wolfe 6’6 340 lb. Owner of Wolfe Plumping and Heating

*Everyday is an eating feat!

Rookie- Jody Gill 6’3 310 lbs. from Forward Air in Groveport

* Ate the Scioto Ribbers large steak plus an extra

Vet- Ben (Yeater Tots) Yeater 6’5 335 lbs.

* Ate an entire cheeseburger in one bite

PRO- Jobie McCoy 6’0 360 lbs. from Jobie’s Tree Service

* The most food he’s ever eaten is $125 from taco bell drive thru after leaving Columbus motor speedway with Donnie Renner

Heat 9-Chocolate & Sprinkles

Rookie- Dan (Stretch Man) Heronemus 6’6 185 lbs. from Forward Air in Groveport

* Ate the Dagwood challenge from Ohio Deli TWICE

Rookie- Jason (Hamburgler) Whitbeck 6’3 500 lbs. from MSC Industrail Supply

* Ate the Submarine House 16' Triple Meat in 3 minutes

Vet- Don (Buck) Maloy 6’0 320 lbs. from Thortons Transportation

* Asked to leave a Chinese Buffet

Vet- Jacob (Gumball) Carson 6’2 375 lbs. from John Glenn International Fire Rescue

*Eats a lot of Meat

Heat 10-Cinnabon

Vet- Brian (Kool-Aid) Gillispie 2016 CHAMP

 6’1 360 lbs from Swan/Freedom

* Dagwood challenge from Ohio Deli under 30 mins

Vet- David (Little Dave) Tomlinson 6’2 330 lbs. from BCI Mechanical

* At the Lee's OMG burger in 7 minutes

Vet- Gary (Sasquatch) Ashby 6’6 360 lbs. from ODOT

* Ate the Thurminator in 20 minutes and 3 foot longs

Vet- David (Big D) Jacobs 6’0 490 lbs. from Midwest Logistic

* The kitchen sink at Kent's ice cream shop in Mt Vernon

Heat 11-Grand Big Mac

Vet- Josh (Big Johnson) Johnson 6’1 335 lbs. from Miller Pipeline

Vet- Danny (Big D) Ball 6’4 350 lbs.

From Mesko Spotting Service

*The Thurminator

Vet- Roman (The Red Bearded Warrior) Taylor 6’0 380 lbs. from The Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry

*Has never known what a leftover was

Vet- Blake (Bigfoot) Miller 7’0 410 lbs. from Pipevalves

* 100 crave case

Heat 12-Big Don Sub

Vet- Gary (Tiny) Ryan 6’2 360 lbs. from Trane

*50 wings

Vet- Steve (The Bearded Beauty) Moore 6’3 340 lbs. from Ohio BMV

* Ate Taco Bell, While Castle and Chipotle in the same day and survived

Vet-Jud (Cookie) Hunderson 6’4 330 lbs. from Commercial Parts and Services

* 125 wings in one sitting


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