A Guy Is Honoring His Friend's Memory by Flushing His Ashes Down the Toilet at Baseball Stadiums

A 56-year-old Mets fan in New York named Tom McDonald lost his friend Roy about nine years ago, and he was a huge baseball fan.  So Tom's been honoring his memory by going to ballparks all around the country, and flushing his ashes down the toilet.

His friend Roy was a plumber and a huge baseball fan so he only saw this as fitting.

He's done it at 16 different stadiums so far, including ballparks in Arizona, Atlanta, St. Louis, Kansas City, Toronto, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Baltimore, and more. 


He carries the ashes in an Advil bottle but he'll only flush them during the game. If he has to pee himself after doing this he will give the toilet an extra flush before he goes!

He only has enough ashes left for one more trip.  So he's heading to Durham Athletic Park in North Carolina, where "Bull Durham" fans know well. 

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