Tuesday Randoms: Nude Trend on Instagram & Teens Spend Most Time Watching This

  • Crappy study of the day … New research  has revealed that all mammals take 12 seconds to poop. (Yep, that includes humans). (Study Finds)         
  • More proof that teens don’t watch TV … According to a new study, on average, teens spent 34% of their video time watching YouTube, 27% of their time watching Netflix, and 14% watching live TV. (Business Insider)          
  • Butt out! Some Instagram users are testing the boundaries of the social media nudity rules by posting butt selfies from around the world. The @cheekyexploits account (NOT SAFE FOR WORK?) features “belfies” from both men and women of all shapes and sizes – and claims its mission is to make the world happier through butts. (Maxim)         
  • Move over, Two-Buck Chuck ... Trader Joe's is taking cheap vino to a whole new level with a new line of sparkling wine – for just a buck a can! Simpler Wines are available at most of the chain's stores, in both white and rose. The whites have been getting high marks across the board, but the New York's Daily News dissed the rose by saying, "It tastes like a nickel."         
  • Om … A new study from the University of Waterloo in Canada found that just 10 minutes of meditation every day will not only reduce anxiety, but will make you more focused and productive. (Study Finds)          
  • Pucker up! So pickle juice soda is a thing now. Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop, with locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania, has started making and selling Pickle Juice Soda and the internet has lost its mind! Most people are questioning the craziness, but for those people who love to drink the juice it’s a dream come true. In store, the soda costs $2.50 a bottle but it’s a whopping $10 each for online purchases. Unless you live near one of these shops you might just have to resort to drinking right out of the jar … (Cosmo



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