TGIF Randoms: Another Reason Dogs are Great, Move Over Unicorn Drinks, & More

  • Today is National Arbor Day – a day when we are encouraged to plant and care for trees. So, hug a tree today and post to #NationalArborDay.         
  • Wanna know how divided this country is politically? According to a new study, you can’t even pay people to hear views from the other side. No, really. More than half of the study participants wouldn’t read a statement that didn’t agree with their position on an issue, even if they were paid to do it. And the participants were even offered a chance to win extra money if they would just hear out the opinion of someone from the other party. Two-thirds turned down the offer. (Study Finds)          
  • Reebok is trolling those $425 “muddy” jeans by putting a "Reebok Authentic Sweat Shirt" – complete with fake sweat stains – on its website. The fake sweaty shirt's price is ... $425! The website also says that the shirt is sold out. A reminder: The Reebok shirt is a joke and fake. Nordstrom is really selling those $425 mud-caked Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans. (ABC News)          
  • According to a SurveyMonkey poll, 30% of consumers think voice assistants are useless.           
  • Yet another reason dogs are great … A new study published in the journal Animal Cognition, reveals that dogs are able to pick up on your emotions. Yep, when you are sad and your dog curls up next to you, they really do "get" how you are feeling.  (Bustle)          
  • Move over, Unicorn drinks. There’s a new food trend sweeping social media – black ice cream. Little Damage Ice Cream in downtown L.A. is fighting back against the pink and purple unicorn craze with charcoal-almond flavored ice cream that is a beautiful shade of black. The black, soft serve ice cream, which gets its color naturally from activated charcoal, is served on top of a black cone. (Today)          
  • Coca-Cola now wants to be your go-to drink for all your fiber needs. No, really. The soda giant recently launched Coca-Cola Plus in Japan. It’s a sugar-free, calorie-free soda with 5 grams of fiber per bottle. As of right now, there are no plans for the fiber-enhanced Coke to be sold in the States, but it sounds like it’s only a matter of time. (Women's Health)          
  • Southwest Airlines has announced that it will no longer overbook flights. (USA Today)          
  • And United has announced that it will now offer up to $10,000 compensation to those who voluntarily give up their seat on an overbooked flight. (USA Today)



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