Thursday Randoms-Simple Trick to Avoid Stress, Chipotle's New Dessert, & More!

  • Great news! A new study has found that there’s a simple trick that can help you avoid stress, depression, AND hangovers. Yep, researchers worked with college freshmen and were able to reduce their chances of experiencing depression and anxiety – as well as their chances of suffering alcohol-related incidents, like hangovers and blackouts – just by teaching them breathing exercises. The simple trick of just being mindful seemed to really help the students from having a hard time. (MarketWatch)        
  • Nordstrom is selling a pair of men’s jeans that look like they have mud on them … for $425.  Here’s the website description of the PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans: "Heavily distressed medium-blue denim jeans in a comfortable straight-leg fit embody rugged, Americana workwear that's seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you're not afraid to get down and dirty."         
  • Dolce & Gabbana’s new sneakers are causing some outrage. You would think it was because of their $973 price tag, but that’s not what people are upset about. The shoes, which were apparently designed with Millennials in mind, feature scribbles and sayings all over them. And one of those sayings is: "I’m thin and gorgeous." (Huffington Post)          
  • Chipotle is adding a dessert to its menu. Buñuelos are fried tortillas covered in cinnamon, sugar, and honey with a caramel apple dipping sauce. They will start selling the Buñuelos at select locations over the next month, but have plans to roll out nationwide soon. (Cosmo)          
  • Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, has become the first all-women’s school to launch a varsity esports program, supported with scholarships. [esports is competitive videogaming]. The program will begin this fall and the team will compete by playing the game Overwatch, which was selected because of its diverse and strong female characters. (ESPN)         
  • Who said it's all about the money? According to a SurveyMonkey poll, when looking for a job, 65% of Millennials and 72% of Baby Boomers say they are more concerned with mission than money.          
  • Indian chef Vishnu Manohar just broke the world record for consecutive hours of cooking. Vishnu cooked for 53 hours straight, which means he was on his feet cooking for more than two days. (Food Beast)               


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