We Will Spend $448 Drunk Shopping This Year

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According to a new study from Finder.com, the average American will spend $448 on drunk shopping this year.

And if those projections are right, they've doubled from last year, where we bought $206 worth of stuff after we'd been drinking.

These numbers also include the drunk food spending we all do. 

However, the money we spend buying stuff when we're drunk isn't anywhere close to the amount we spend actually getting drunk.

The study found that the average person will spend $1,901 on booze this year.  That averages out to just under $37 a week. 

Gen Xers spend the most on drunk purchases, averaging $738.87 per haul — more than triple the amount ($206.11) that millennials spent.

You can read more at Finder.com

Now I am not proud of this but I have been known to drunk shop late at night or early in the morning while watching infomercials. A lot of time I don't realize it until they are delivered to my house! 

Here are some things I have bought:

-The un-kinkable hose

-Rare Coins because I thought I was a rare coin collector at the time

-More I will find out once they are delivered!


This is the hose I bought...it's a lie people I am warning you! 

Drinking by the numbers

  • 60.27% of American adults — or an estimated 148 million of us — drink an average 7 alcoholic beverages weekly.
  • We spend $5.4 billion on alcoholic beverages a week — an average $36.56 per person.
  • The most popular alcoholic drink is beer, with 39.53% of American adults drinking an average 5 beers weekly.
  • Wine is a woman’s drink of choice, with 37.54% of women enjoying an average 2 glasses a week.
  • Millennials are twice as likely as Gen Xers and baby boomers combined to enjoy a glass of moonshine or other liquor.

Like I said these numbers include the food we buy when drinking. To me I normally like to make a stop at Taco Bell or a late night visit to Waffle House after a night out with the boys.  

According to one survey by Matador Network these are the Top 10 Drunk Foods:

1. Chili Dog

2. Pizza

3. Hamburgers

4. Tacos

5. The Garbage Plate-A bunch of greasy food all on one plate

6. Gyros

7. The McGangbang-This sandwich is at McDonalds and is when you order a double cheeseburger and a McChicken, then put the McChicken between the cheeseburger patties.

8. Nachos

9. The Kentucky Hot Brown

10. Philly Cheese steak 

Find out what else is on their list Here

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