Here is Why You Need to NOT Do The #CondomSnortingChallenge

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In case you missed it, there's a new challenge gaining popularity on social media that involves snorting condoms. 

The trick is to unwrap a condom, snort it up one nostril, and then pull it back through your mouth. Yes this is disgusting and I cannot believe I am even writing a blog post about this but the dangers are very significant. 

Obviously, the condom could get stuck in the nose or throat, blocking breathing, causing someone to choke. Also, there's a chance of an allergic reaction to the latex or an infection.

According to Dr. Bruce Y. Lee, an associate professor of international health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and contributor to Forbes, there are several previous cases in which condoms caused serious complications when they were accidentally inhaled. For example, in 2004, doctors in India reported that a 27-year-old woman developed pneumonia and a collapsed lung after she accidentally inhaled a condom.

The condom-snorting challenge dates back to 2007 and gained increased attention in 2013 when a YouTube video circulated online showing a young woman sucking a condom up her nose to Taylor Swift's "22." The video has since been removed, but there are still dozens of others showing teenagers accepting the challenge.

Over the past five years the U.S. poison control centers have received only one report of a condom inhalation.

Most of the 152 incidents involving condoms - 107 cases, to be exact - were related to ingestion, according to the statistics.

Although it's unclear why news of the condom-snorting challenge has resurfaced, it appears to be related to the recent warnings about these types of games.

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