GoFundMe Account Created After Route 91 is Distributing $31.5 Million

A GoFundMe account that was set up after the Route 91 tragedy has started distributing its funds to the victims and their families.  About $31.5 million came in from around the world, thanks to over 90,000 donations.

So this means, 532 families and victims will share the money.  

$275,000 will be given to each family of the 58 people killed in the shooting and $275,000 will also go to 10 different victims who were either paralyzed or suffered permanent brain damage injuries. 

Funds will also go to 147 other people who were hospitalized.  

Here is a Chart of how all of the funds will be distributed and you can read more about the details HERE

If you are not familiar with the events of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Last Vegas, on October 1st, around 10pm/PT a gunman shot into a crowd of 22,000 people while Jason Aldean was performing the final day of the festival. 

The shooter was identified as Stephen Paddock and he was shooting semi-automatic weapons into the crowd from the 31st flood of the Mandalay Bay hotel which is located right next to where the Route 91 Festival was being held. 

For the full timeline of the events of the shooting read more at billboard.com

Below is Jason Aldean's first statement after being in the line of fire and finding out that 58 people died and many others were injured during his show. 


One survivor Gina McKin is going public and wants Jason Aldean to finish his set for the survivors and their families. 

There is even a Facebook Group that Tiffany Thomas recently created called, 58 Survivors 1 Last Set. Their goal is giving Jason Aldean a gift and invitation to come back to Las Vegas and finish his set from that tragic evening.


After the Route 91 tragedy a lot of people who were there and survived started getting tattoos that represented the events like this. 

Here is one victim's tattoo and you can see more tattoos from the victims and their family members from my blog post back in October HERE.

This photo however is one of my favorite out of all the tattoos I was seeing from back in October. The other type I like is just the simple Las Vegas Skyline with the Route 91 road sign in front of it. 


People remember those they've lost in different ways or events they have gone through like in the tattoos above. 

I can relate to these people who got tattoos because although I don't have one remember someone who has past, the two tattoos I have represent my mom and then my Irish family and my Pawpaw. 

It's just a little reminder that can either warm your heart or remind you of the tough times you have gone through but you survived and the best will come from it. 

This is my tattoo that I got with my Pawpaw. Not only does it remind me of him, but this is the Irish symbol for "family" so it will remind me of my family past and present. 

(Please ignore the chipped nail polish)

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