Babies Who Look Like Their Dads Are Healthier

A study in the Journal of Health Economics has found that newborns who resemble their fathers will be healthier a year into their lives than those who don't.

Researchers found that dads who see themselves in their child’s face are more active in raising the baby. 

Because of this, the baby gets more attention. And, this attention leads to better care -- and fewer health problems according to the study called If Looks Could Heal: Child Health and Paternal Investment.

With this "extra time" the newborns had fewer asthma attacks, fewer healthcare visits for illnesses and fewer emergency room visits.

You can read more from this study at

I want to believe that this is true because when it comes to my kids everyone tells me that all three look like me. 

What do you think? In this photo below my oldest son Noah (who is 16 years old) is on the far right, then in front of is Layla (who is 8 years old) and Lathan (who is 6 years old). 

Now my step daughter Mandy is on the far left and I can tell you she looks A LOT like her mom, my wife, Amanda. 


Now let's see if you think I look my dad. Here is a picture from about a year ago of the two of us. Many say I do look like him. But if we are going off of being "healthy" as a child like the study says as a child I was pretty healthy but I was known for getting stitches....A LOT

Here are how I got my stitches:

-- 4 times on the chin for:

     -Jumping my Bicycle

     -Falling down the steps at Big Bear

     -Falling out of a tree because my brother convinced me a trash bag worked as a parachute

-- Stitches in my finger because I had to pee really bad while wearing my football pants and couldn't get them down fast enough so I hit it on a sharp edge in the locker room

-- Stitches above my eye when I slammed my head in to a door because my older brother thought he he was a big time WWE wrestler, and when I told him it wasn't real he convinced me otherwise

So thank you dad for the looks but thanks to me and my brothers it's a little bruised and scarred! 

Dan Zuko

Dan Zuko

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