Name: Andy Clark

Birthday: July 27

Hometown: Out in the sticks, but mailing address was Dresden, Ohio.



1. Music I grew up listening to...2 Brothers: cranked up rock. Sister: Pop Mom: Sinatra Dad: Country

One brother managed Opera Singers and traveled the world with them, so I've gotten to enjoy many styles of music! If it's done well, I love it.

2. My family life is...full of animals, I have some pets (I call 'em friends) I'm a bird lover.

3. My last impulse buy was...I don’t impulse buy

4. My favorite country artist to listen to is...Kenny Chesney

5. Right now my favorite Country song is...Drowns the Whiskey...Jason/Miranda

6. In my spare time I...clean up bird poo.

7. My dream vacation ...Belize, have been many times. Jungle or Ocean, it's all good.

8. My favorite "Adult Beverage" is...rum or red wine.

9. When watching sports I am rooting for...the Buckeyes

10. Three Words that describe me best are "Fun, Fun, Fun"