Woodhead Cruise 2018

Hey 2018 Woodhead Cruisers! Keep checking back here for final details about your 2018 Woodhead Cruise to Alaska!

Here is what you should have finished (or almost finished) by now for our Woodhead Cruise to Alaska! 

1.       Proof of citizenship – Make sure you have your passport is in order and check the expiration date.  You don’t want to miss the ship because of something wrong with your documentation.  If you don’t have a passport US citizens can bring a government issued photo ID like a driver’s license WITH a certified copy of your birth certificate.  If you have had a name change you will also need to bring support documentation.  (like marriage certificate).


2.       Check-in and Printing documents – Your check-in for the cruise should be complete.  If not make sure to get that done then you can print your travel documents for the cruise.  You’ll get a check mark on the Guest Check-in Icon once its complete. Then print your Boarding Pass, Travel Summary and luggage tags.



3.       Packing tips  - Time to start thinking about packing for our trip.  Temperatures on our itinerary will vary from the mid-50s to the mid- 70s.  You want to have comfortable walking shoes and a light/waterproof jacket in case it rains—even better if it has a hood.  You don’t want to let a little rain stop you from sightseeing.  Pack a pair of gloves and a hat and even a pair of shorts.  They don’t take up a lot of room but you might be glad to have them. 

Carry your proof of citizenship with you and keep a copy in your suitcase/luggage.  Remember medications and necessities should go into your carry-on bag.

There will be two dressy nights on the cruise so pack something a nicer for those two evenings. Doesn’t have to be a ball gown, but a cute dress/pantsuit/cocktail apparel for the ladies is nice.  The gentlemen could have a sport jacket w/ or w/out a tie OR just nice slacks and a collared shirt.  The rest of the time nice casual clothing will do for the dining room and during the daytime.


4.       Cell phone service and checking in at home- Check with your cell phone provider on what access you will have while cruising.  Most services will have coverage while you are in port but while you are at sea there might be additional charges.  You can purchase wi-fi minutes for on board the ship if you want to be connected while sailing.  Purchase in advance for extra bonus minutes.


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