New "Lost in Space" coming

"Lost in space" one of those shows I always loved to watch. Sure it was quirky but it fueled my imagination and dreams of space exploration. Much Like Star Trek it opened a universe of possibility for many that although still not a reality one day it will be. 

The original show with Billy Mummy was Cheesy in many ways but to this day is still a fun watch. The movie version although interesting and it did fuel my thirst for Sci-Fi it fell short of the original. With that being said....I'm really excited about this new show coming to Netflix in April. This looks like all kinds of awesome and I can't wait to watch it. 

Just like when I was a kid I still daydream about flying to the stars and discovering new worlds and although I know for me it won't happen I can at least watch great shows that wisk me away to another place. This one looks like it will!!!!

Here's a featurette from Netflix

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